Registration General Information 2020-2021

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(registration applications of children who will be enrolled in our Kindergartens for the first time)

Dear parents & guardians,

The registration applications of children who will be enrolled for the first time, can be submitted only electronically, on the website of the D.B.A. ( and concern:

  • Toddlers, born in the year 2017 up until 31/03/2018
  • Infants, born from 01/04/2018 until 31/03/2020

After submitting the application to the digital platform and receiving a Protocol Number, the procedure is the following:

1. You collect all supporting documents, in a folder.

2. You write on the envelope the following:

a) The title: “Request for Admission

b) The Protocol number (“Αρ. Πρωτοκόλλου”) you have received from the electronically submitted application &

c) The name of the child/children.

The complete envelope will be sent exclusively by post or by courier to the following address:

Department of Applications’ Selection & Registrations’ monitoring
Rodou 181 & Serinou
10443 Athens

ATTENTION: A prerequisite for the completion of the procedure and the validity of the registration application is:

  • the electronic submission of the application &
  • b) the dispatch of supporting documents.

Please note that the envelopes that are sent must be complete. Incomplete folders will automatically be discarded.

  • Admissions Application Submission Period: 05/07/2020 to 22/07/2020.
  • Deadline for Submission of Supporting Documents: 23/07/2020 (based on courier or postal receipt).

For any clarification you can contact the Department of Selection of Applications & Monitoring of Registrations at the following telephone numbers:

210 51.02.481
210 51.02.482
210 51.02.483
210 51.02.496

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Instructions for the Completion & Submission of Applications

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