Registration General Information 2020-2021

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(registration applications of children who are already hosted in the Municipal Nursery of Athens)

Dear parents & guardians,

The registration applications of children who are already hosted in the Municipal Nursery of Athens (D.B.A.) and wish to continue for the period 2020-2021, and of their brother/sister, who will be enrolled for the first time, can be submitted only electronically, on the website of the D.B.A. ( and concern:

  • Toddlers, born in the year 2017 up until 31/03/2018
  • Infants, born from 01/04/2018 until 31/03/2020

After submitting the application to the digital platform and receiving a Protocol Number, the procedure is the following:

1. You collect all supporting documents, in a folder.

2. You write on the envelope the following:

a) The title: “Request for Readmission

b) The Protocol number (“Αρ. Πρωτοκόλλου”) you have received from the electronically submitted application &

c) The name of the child/children.

The complete envelope will be sent exclusively by post or by courier to the following address:

Department of Applications’ Selection & Registrations’ monitoring
Rodou 181 & Serinou
10443 Athens

ATTENTION: A prerequisite for the completion of the procedure and the validity of the registration application is:

a) the electronic submission of the application &

b) the dispatch of supporting documents.

Please note that the envelopes that are sent must be complete. Incomplete folders will automatically be discarded.

Readmissions Application Submission Period: 22/06/2020 to 02/07/2020.

Deadline for Submission of Supporting Documents: 03/07/2020 (based on courier or postal receipt).

 In case you wish to move your child to another Kindergarten of D.B.A., when completing the Registration Application, you should declare, as 1st preference, the Kindergarten of your choice and, as 2nd option, the Station where the child is already hosted.

(For the children who enroll in our Kindergartens for the first time, the registration period will start on 5/7/2020.)

For any clarification you can contact the Department of Selection of Applications & Monitoring of Registrations at the following telephone numbers:

210 51.02.481

210 51.02.482

210 51.02.483

210 51.02.496

Connection Instructions / Creation of Account

Instructions for the Completion & Submission of Applications